Dead Solid Quotes:
"If you want to gamble, why would you choose poker?"
"Gain experience by doing -- not watching or reading."
"Even a SOLID playing style is exploitable."
"Beware of the un-raised pot."
"The play that often requires the most guts -- is folding."
"The loosest player at the table gets as many good hands as you do."
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Dead Solid Poker

The ultimate No-limit Texas Holdem training software for your PC. The course provides 3 levels of interactive training:

  • The Fundamentals (beginner)
    An 11 chapter course for the player who is new to poker or the No-Limit Texas Holdem format.
  • The SOLID Playing Strategy
    An in-depth series of lessons and drills designed to assist you in mastering a Solid Holdem playing strategy. From pre-flop through the showdown, this is the optimum strategy, when you have little, or no information on your opponents.
  • The DEAD SOLID Playing Strategy
    Beginning with the first hand, information begins to flow to all of the players at the table. Gathering, understanding, and effectively using this information to mix-up your play is the difference between a SOLID and DEAD-SOLID No-limit Texas Holdem player.

Each training level uses lessons, drills, and skill-tests to ensure that each concept is mastered. This hands-on approach has proven to hone skills and instincts much faster than reading books or watching videos.


The most realistic No-limit Texas Holdem practice game ever. It's not just a poker game, it's an advanced poker simulator. Gain experience playing against true-to-life opponents (PokerSIM Bots) in environments that match realistic live and online formats. Features include:

  • 4 Levels of Play
  • Live and Online Game Simulators
  • Rush-Poker Simulator
  • HUD's (Displays opponent's stats as you play)
  • PokerSIM Bots

Example Hand


Dead Solid Poker and PokerSIM are stand-alone software training programs that run on your PC. There are no membership fees, monthly fees, or any other ongoing costs.

  • Download in Minutes
  • Safe Secure Transaction
  • No Spyware, Adware, or Milicious Software
For a limited time, PokerSIM will be bundled FREE when you purchase Dead Solid Poker. See the Special Offer below.



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No Limit Texas Holdem -- it is:

1. fun,
2. easy to learn, and
3. everyone thinks they're good at it.

As a professional, who earned a living playing Texas Holdem poker, itís the third point (above) that Iím most thankful for. It has helped me put kids through school and maintain a fine standard of living.

Contrary to common belief, No-limit Texas Holdem is not a game of chance. Itís a complex series of probabilities. Whether your goal is to become a professional, or just a better recreational player, improving your game is simple. You must improve your ability to analyze the conditions at the table and identify the profitable play.

It may be simple Ė but not necessarily easy. It takes more than book-learning to become an accomplished Holdem poker player. It takes hands-on experience. Reading poker books or watching poker videos can sometimes be helpful. But new-found knowledge or techniques will not become profitable until you have gained experience using them.

Here is the problem. The game of poker is constantly evolving. The game itself evolves over time and, in the course of a single session, the environment may change several times. This is why techniques found in books and videos can often be counter-productive.

For example, the hunter who shot the state-record buck writes an article describing exactly how he did it. It was complete with GPS coordinates, the exact distance, and precise direction that yielded the state-record kill. That shot, last Thursday morning at 7:31:02 AM, brought instant fame to this hunter. However, that same shot today could take down the game-warden. Conditions are constantly changing.

The game of No-limit Texas Holdem cannot be mastered. It is a constantly moving target. Yes, there should always be 52 cards in the deck, and a Royal Flush will always beat 3 of a kind. However, cards, and a working knowledge of poker math, will only get you part of the way. When itís your turn to act, you will be facing conditions that are unique to that specific moment in time. Success will depend on your ability to accurately assess the conditions and instinctively identify the profitable play. It takes experience, along with a solid foundation, to hone these instincts.

We designed Dead Solid Poker and PokerSIM to create an ideal poker software training environment that can take your game far beyond the basics, to the point that you become the architect designing your own techniques. They provide 3 levels of training and a true-to-life No-limit Texas Holdem practice environment where you will gain hands-on experience and sharpen your poker instincts and skills.

The first level is for beginners who need help with the basics of poker or the No-limit Texas Holdem structure. The second level teaches a SOLID playing strategy. The third level teaches methods of gathering and using real-time information to make strategic deviations in your play in order to adapt to your opponents and current conditions.

Each level of training comes with in-depth information and techniques, which are backed up with drills to provide hands-on practice. Finally, each critical stage has a skills-test where you must prove, under pressure, that you have mastered the concepts of the lesson.

In addition to the structured Texas Holdem training course, PokerSIM provides a realistic practice environment to match your skills against the most true-to-life computer opponents on the market (PokerSIM Bots). Itís been said that ďPoker is not a card game played by people, itís a people game played with cards.Ē I could not describe it any better than that.

It can be a costly mistake to practice against opponents who are not similar to the opponents you will be facing in real life! This is why we spent 2 years studying hundreds of thousands of real Holdem poker players to develop the PokerSIM bots. It is designed to be much more than a poker game Ė itís a No-limit Texas Holdem simulator.

Because the game of Texas Holdem is constantly evolving, our poker training software and simulators are updated, several times each year. The SOLID and DEAD SOLID playing strategies are modified to keep pace with current trends. The PokerSIM bots are updated and modified often to match real-world playing conditions. These updates are provided at no additional cost.

Happy hunting!