Dead Solid Quotes:
"If you want to gamble, why would you choose poker?"
"Gain experience by doing -- not watching or reading."
"Even a SOLID playing style is exploitable."
"Beware of the un-raised pot."
"The play that often requires the most guts -- is folding."
"The loosest player at the table gets as many good hands as you do."
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Will the program run on a Mac?

No. Not at this time. The program is light and will operate on any PC running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8.

Will the program run on a Netbook?

The program requires a screen resolution of at least 1024x768 to operate properly. Some Netbook models are not compatible.

How can I be sure that your program does not contain adware or other harmful software?

As consumers ourselves, we are also wary of these kinds of security issues. Security is major reason that we chose Yahoo to host our storefront. Their strict policies and security features provide a safer environment for us and our customers. Our software is guaranteed to be free of any adware, spyware or other malicious software.

How long does it take to download and install?

With a broadband connection (cable or DSL) the download can be completed within 30 seconds. After you download the program, it takes less than a minute to install the program. You can be using the program in a matter of minutes.

The download and installation instructions are provided when you purchase and we have 24/7 download support to ensure that you are up and running fast. You do NOT have to be a computer wiz to download, install, or use Dead Solid Poker.

What do you mean by Free Upgrades?

We are constantly improving the features and performance of the software. Because the game of poker is constantly evolving, our training and practice software must also evolve to stay up with current trends. Dead Solid Poker and PokerSIM are updated several times each year. As new versions are released, you can upgrade your copy for free. The current version number can be found by clicking the “Support” link above. You simply request the new version and you will be sent a link to the upgrade page by email.

Why would I trust you with my credit card information?

You should not! Nor do we want the liability that comes with handling your private information. This is why all of these transactions are securely processed at the credit card merchant’s site. We never have access to your information.

What if the software does not run on my computer or I am not satisfied?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with our products, simply notify us by email, within 24 hours of purchase, and we will immediately refund your money.

Have Questions?

Contact us with any questions or concerns.