Dead Solid Quotes:
"If you want to gamble, why would you choose poker?"
"Gain experience by doing -- not watching or reading."
"Even a SOLID playing style is exploitable."
"Beware of the un-raised pot."
"The play that often requires the most guts -- is folding."
"The loosest player at the table gets as many good hands as you do."
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PokerSIM Features

PokerSIM is not just a poker game, it is the most realistic No-limit Texas Holdem practice simulator ever. The features that separate this practice software from the others are:

PokerSIM Bots

Regardless of the features that a poker practice game may offer, itís the quality of the computer opponents (bots) that matters. Practice can only be beneficial when the practice environment matches the conditions in which you will be playing. In No-limit Texas Holdem, it's all about people. The nature of the game can change, in an instant, by adding or removing a single player. In real life, these changes are happening in real-time. If your practice environment does not simulate real players, and match these changing conditions, it would be better not to practice at all.

Itís been said that you can study a Poker-Bot, find its weakness, and exploit it. The same can be said of real players Ė some easier than others. Other practice poker games on the market offer a mix of opponents with a range of generic styles. Some use random parameters to make them more difficult to read, or worse Ė they actually read your hand. Obviously, a cheating poker bot would be difficult to beat.

The goal with our No-limit Texas Holdem simulator was not to make poker bots that are hard to beat; it was to make poker bots that match real players. We accomplished this by studying real players. As professional online players, we have accumulated a massive data base of actual hand histories on literally hundreds of thousands of different players. By studying thousands of hands on a specific player, it is not difficult to identify his strategy and tendencies Ė from pre-flop through the showdown. We would then model a bot to match this specific player.

Each of the 200+ PokerSIM bots were modeled in this manner. Many of these were modeled after world-class players who were good at reading the other players at the table and mixing up their play. Others were intermediate to novice players -- each with a personality and style of their own. Modeling and mixing these players creates a practice environment that is as close as it gets to real-life.

Mixing it Up

When you sit down at a poker table, you seldom know who you will be up against. The nature of the game will vary based on your opponents. Over the course of a session, this can change several times as players leave the table and new players enter. The PokerSIM environment is the same. Players will come and go and often leave empty seats. They may bring in a large stack of chips or, they may come in short. All of these factors will affect the nature of the game.

Online or Live Mix

Traditionally, the Online environment is tighter and more aggressive than most Casino or Home-game environments. PokerSIM offers both modes.

RUSH Poker Simulator

Rush Poker is an exciting new Texas Holdem format offered by Full Tilt Poker. Instead of being seated at a single table, you are placed in a pool of players who are all playing the same session. Once the cards are dealt and you see your hand, you have the option to Quick-fold your hand and be immediately seated at a new table with others in your pool. You do not have to sit and wait while the hand plays out. This creates an exciting and fast environment where you can play 300+ hands per hour, compared to 30 Ė 70 in a traditional Live or Online game.

This new format creates a different set of challenges. People play differently than they might in a normal game. This will take some adjustments to your game in order to profit from this new format. PokerSIM is the only practice software that offers a Rush-poker simulator. Special PokerSIM bots were modeled specifically to simulate the Rush-poker format.

HUD (Heads-up Displays)

Most serious online Texas Holdem players use Stat-tracking software to gather information on their opponents. This information is then displayed, in real-time, on their screen, to enable them to make informed decisions. PokerSIM is gathering stats on every hand that you play against the poker bots Ė both the stats of the poker bots and your stats as well. The stats can be displayed while you play, giving you valuable information in real-time. You can use this information to modify your play to match your opponent. Keep in mind, some of the more savvy PokerSIM bots are using the information that they have gathered on you as well. Successful players monitor their own stats to manage their table image. PokerSIM offers a great way of gaining experience using HUDs.

Bankroll Management

Practicing with play-money enables you to gain experience while minimizing your exposure to risk. However, it comes with its own set of issues. Poker, especially No-limit Texas Holdem, is not the same when played with play-money. This is why it is normally a big mistake to practice at one of the online sites with free-money. People do not play the same when they have nothing to lose.

PokerSIM bots do not know that itís play money. They play for keeps! This creates a more realistic environment.

Most professionals, who teach bankroll management, will advise you to never put in play more than 5-10% of your bankroll in a single session. When you install PokerSIM, you are given a $2000 bankroll. You can follow sound principles and build your bankroll starting at the $1-2 level, or throw caution to the wind and put it all on the line at a $10-20 table. Either way, you only get $2000. If you go broke, you can go to PokerSIMís virtual ATM and withdraw $200 and try to win it back. With PokerSIM, as in real life, the only way to replace chips that were lost at the poker table -- is to earn them.

Other Features

  • User-defined Bet Buttons
  • Save or Email Hand Histories
  • Quick-fold Options to Speed up Play
  • Sit-out and Watch

Download Now and Save

PokerSIM is the most realistic No-limit Texas Holdem practice simulator available. It, along with the Dead Solid Poker software training program, are great tools to develop and hone your poker skills. These are available for immediate download. There are no membership fees or other on-going costs, and the software is safe and free of adware, spyware, and other malicious software.

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