Dead Solid Quotes:
"If you want to gamble, why would you choose poker?"
"Gain experience by doing -- not watching or reading."
"Even a SOLID playing style is exploitable."
"Beware of the un-raised pot."
"The play that often requires the most guts -- is folding."
"The loosest player at the table gets as many good hands as you do."
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Dead Solid Poker Features

Dead Solid Poker is an interactive software training program with three separate levels.

1. The Fundamentals
2. The SOLID Playing Strategy
3. The DEAD SOLID Playing Strategy

Each level has its own set of lessons, drills, and skill-tests.


Even if you have not seen a deck of cards, this 11 chapter training program will teach you the fundamentals of Poker and Texas Holdem. The course takes you from:

  • Card and Hand Rankings
  • Identifying Hands
  • Identifying Winning Poker Hands
  • No-limit Texas Holdem Playing Structure

Each lesson is followed by quizzes and drills that ensure that you master the lesson. You must pass each lesson before moving to the next. This process gives you the experience and skills needed to move to the next level of the training program.

The SOLID Playing Strategy

Becoming a Solid Texas Holdem player is the critical first step in becoming a consistent player. It will be the foundation that your game will be built on. The term “Solid” is normally associated with a very tight, conservative playing style. Our concept of Solid relates more to a player’s Poker IQ. Strategically choosing starting-hands is only a small part of the make-up of a Solid Texas Holdem player. A Solid player must be able to make sound decisions from Pre-flop, all the way to the Showdown.

Through lessons and drills in this level, you will master this Solid Holdem strategy to the point that it becomes instinctive. This will become the foundation of your playing strategy --when you have little or no information on your opponents.

This level includes:

  • Understanding Position
  • Assessing Pre-flop Conditions
  • Starting-hand Selection
  • Pre-flop Practice
  • Pre-flop Test
  • The Solid Post-flop Strategy
  • Assessing Opponent’s Range of Hands
  • Range of Hands Drill and Test
  • Identifying Danger Hands
  • Danger Hands Drill and Test
  • Assessing Post-flop Conditions
  • Post-flop Practice
  • The Final Challenge (a 100 hand final test)

The DEAD SOLID Playing Strategy

Although a Solid playing strategy is the optimal strategy against players with whom you have no history, as a session plays out, things can begin changing quickly. How we play will depend on our opponents. At times we may appear loose and wild, or – as tight as the bark on a tree. It all depends on our opponents.

All playing strategies, including a Solid strategy, can be exploited. To compete and win consistently, you must be a moving target. You must become the opportunist who identifies and exploits weakness in your opponent’s game without exposing yourself to the same treatment.

Topics in this training level include:

  • Standard Deviations (mixing up the Solid strategy)
  • Gathering information on opponents
  • Online Stat Tracking Software
  • Understanding and Using your Poker Instincts
  • A 4-step Thought Process
  • Managing Your Table Image
  • Exploitable Traits
  • Specific Deviations
  • The Rule of Opposites
  • The BLIND Zone
  • Assessing Poker IQ
  • A Range of Hands Calculator
  • A Flop Simulator

Other Features

  • Single Table Practice
  • Multi-table Practice (up to 4 tables at a time)
  • Full Practice with Tutor

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